The new sixty watt amp retains the high damping factor and low distortion of the Horn Mono but ... less than 0.5% at 60 watts: Tube Complement: two KT88, 1-12AX7, 1-12BH7: Power Consumption: 100 watts at idle 200 watts at full power: Chassis: Black chassis. Chrome transformer covers: Dimensions:. 2021. 11. 30. · We assume the power factor to be of the value 0.9. Firstly, rewrite the initial watts to amps formula into the amps to watts equation: P = 3 * V *. But a 60 Watt solar panel will only deliver ~4 amps of charge an hour. To keep a safe 50% discharge level, I recommend using your batteries to run your cabin for no more than 6 hours and 4 minutes. But the solar panel you have will not put back the power you used in a single day. A good rule of thumb is this: 15 watts is equivalent to 1 amp of.

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