Ideal for charging 12V SLA batteries from solar panels up to 120 watts. 10 amp fuse and fuseholder recommended - not supplied. Features: • Update specifications to: Technical data: Input voltage solar cell panels: 14 - 30 V/DC open circuit voltage Nominal voltage: 12 V/DC. • Max. input current: 10 A,. Look at the 12V 5A Linear Power supply circuit diagram. There is component detail as follows. 1. I choose Q1 is 2N3792 and Q2 is 2N6049 respectively. Because they are so easy to buy and cheap. 2. The Q1 must power an output current up to 5A. Also, I Q1 is 5A. So RS = 0.6V / IQ1 = 0.6V / 5A = 1.2Ω And the power of RS can find with PRS = IQ1² x RS.

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